Ian Foote, Executive Chairman & Private Investor

Stride Sports Management

“I have been dealing with Bayley Stuart for over 12 years. I purchased a commercial property through them in 2003, which at the time had a single tenant. Over the subsequent period the property underwent a major upgrade and experienced a number of maintenance issues. Bayley Stuart oversaw all aspects of managing the property, including lease negotiations, new tenants and ultimately the sale of the property when it was unoccupied – due to a corporate takeover – achieving an excellent sale result.

There was a number of significant and sensitive issues with tenants during the period I owned the property and Andrew MacGillivray in particular handled these with integrity, professionalism and patience.

I have subsequently entered into two additional commercial property transactions with Bayley Stuart. The first achieved an extraordinary commercial outcome in a very short timeframe due to Andrew’s thoroughness, market research, knowledge and negotiating skills. The latter is a large purchase which also came about as a result of that same skillset.

Bayley Stuart is a company in which I have the greatest level of trust. They deliver that they promise, act in the best interests of their clients and through their excellent communication and relationship skills, manage the tenants in a highly professional manner which in turn maximises the value of assets they manage. They are a pleasure to do business with.”

Marino Angelini, Managing Partner & Private Investor

Stannards Accountants & Advisors

“Over the past few years I have observed the various investments that Bayley Stuart has participated in on behalf of their clients and the excellent returns that have been generated. Recently, I invested in a Bayley Stuart commercial project in Melbourne and have been very pleased with the experience.

Andrew and Alasdair are honest and ethical operators who clearly understand the commercial property space in Melbourne. In a short period of time, the leasing profile of the property has improved. This is directly attributable to their experience with leasing and their value-adding mindset. The communication being delivered by their regular updates has given me comfort that the investment is being overseen by a competent organization wanting to deliver on its promises to investors.”

Kevin Winward, Executive Chairman & Private Investor

WSP Structures

“I’ve known Alasdair MacGillivray professionally and socially for over 30 years.  Our relationship initially came about through our professional involvement in design and delivery of building projects in Melbourne, and whilst our roles have changed over the years, we have always maintained an excellent professional and social relationship based on mutual respect and confidence in the ability of each to deliver.

From real estate transactions in buying and selling property over many years,  to more recent investments as a shareholder in the ownership of several commercial properties, we have enjoyed mutually beneficial  outcomes in each and every case.

Andrew’s involvement in these recent investments has been outstanding and he and Alasdair are a great team.  They have the ability to find and convert excellent property opportunities, and then maintain an effective management role that keeps the investors fully informed.

After two recent, successful investments in St Kilda Road, I’m keen to keep our relationship going,  and look forward to the next one (and the one after).

Thanks Alasdair and Andrew for your help and guidance, and the opportunity to participate in the Bayley Stuart investment initiatives.”

Stuart Stockdale, Director & Private Investor

Stockdale & Associates

“I write to record my appreciation of the dedicated service I have received from the Directors and staff of Bayley Stuart over the past fifteen years.

In my roles as an investor, syndicate participant and adviser to mutual clients, I have enjoyed a tremendously fruitful relationship with the firm, and it is my intention to continue engagement based on excellent returns and excellent service levels rendered to me and my clients.”

(Service No. FCA17179)

Nicholas Stone, Founder & Private Investor

BlueStone Lane

“Over the past 23 months I have in my personal capacity invested in two Melbourne mixed use property investments that Bayley Stuart has arranged and managed on my behalf. Both transactions have been hugely lucrative, achieving exit cash IRRs in excess of prospectus return expectations.

Andrew is a property professional of the highest caliber and integrity. He is experienced and well researched, and maintains prudent discipline to deploy capital towards only the best investment opportunities based on a predefined risk profile. He complements this with excellent communication skills to ensure investors are appropriately informed on the performance of their investments.”

Paul Marks, Managing Director & Private Investor

Nimrod Resources

“I bought my first building through Bayley Stuart 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since. all of my investments with Bayley Stuart have enjoyed terrific returns and capital growth. I initially gave them an opportunity in property management and was blown away by how quickly they improved the asset when taking over from a global real estate firm. I then learned that they are just as good at acquiring, leasing and selling property.

They are extremely professional, have never once let me down, and somehow despite setting ambitious targets they always find a way to meet and exceed my expectations. I have complete trust in Bayley Stuart and always know my investments are safe. I can’t recommend their team highly enough to anyone investing in commercial property, whether as a first time or experienced investor.

I commend in particular Andrew MacGillivray for this honesty, integrity and professionalism, and for achieving all targets I set for myself over the past 10 years.”

Lachlan MacGillivray, Director & Private Investor

JEWL Investments

“My first investment with Bayley Stuart was 3 years ago and performed a long way above my expectations. The team used their extensive market knowledge and experience to identify an under-valued opportunity and once purchased, applied exceptional focus and attention to detail to reposition and re-lease the property within a short timeframe and execute a sale for an exceptional price.

I was attracted to the Bayley Stuart model knowing that they co-invest in all of their deals and are exceptionally hands on. Alasdair and Andrew are personally involved in all aspects of the properties they run, giving me comfort that my investment will be given every opportunity to again delivery above my expectations.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bayley Stuart and have continued to invest in further opportunities that Bayley Stuart has presented to me.”